Our method

We believe in professonality in both our course building and coaching. We have top professionals in our field who can guide any player, regardless of level.

We organize both corporate events and individual coaching.

Here are some examples of our services:

  • Workplace Health Promomotion (WPH) days and Team Building.
  • Personally designed competetitions for your group.
  • Private Coaching
    • Throwing techniques
    • Game tactics
    • Finding the right equipment
  • ”Play with a coach” -round with an experienced player
  • ”Play with a pro” -round with a top player
    • Have you always dreamed of playing with some of the best pros in Finland? Tell us and we will try to make your dream come true!

Our Coaches



Kalevi Louhivuori a.k.a. Aceman began his disc golf career as a result of diligent conversion by his cousin Jyri Sariola back in 2012. Louhivuori has since participated in the Finnish Championships, European Championships and numerous other Pro-class competitions. He has 12 PDGA competition wins as well as many dozen other unofficial titles. He finished fifth at the Multi-Golf World Championships this year.

Coaching Aceman started in 2017 and has done private coaching as well as groups like companies, schools and disc golf clubs.

Aceman was born when Louhivuori started making hole in one -tutorial videos that went viral. His videos have been shared by numerous world stars (Simon Lizotte, Drew Gibson, Jeremy Koling, Innova, etc.) and have been viewed well over million times. Louhivuori is sponsored by Innova Discs, the world’s largest frisbee golf manufacturer, and he is the Finland’s only Innova Team Ambassador.


First time I threw a frisbee back in the 80’s when they were a thing. Back then big audiences did not know anything about the sport of disc golf.

Notable event was in the year 2000 when we were supposed to go to the beach and play catch with a frisbee. No one had one so I was trusted to go and get one.Local store InterSport did not have any at first, but then they found something. ”We have one of these…” someone shouted from the backroom. I bought the frisbee and headed back to the beach. We found it a bit odd that this thing didn’t want to fly at all. It was heavy and hurted my hand when I was catching it. There was writen some mystical ”Stingray” on top of the frisbee…

There was not much catch playing that day.

I found also the words ”disc golf” written on the underside of the disc. This term was totally new so to the computer and open AltaVista Search. The truth was the revealed and I thought to my self ” damn, what a cool sports”. We designed our own courses to local parks that summer. Target was to hit a certain tree, go around another etc.

I forgot about the whole thing, until I got invited to go to the legendary Vihioja course in Tampere, FInland. I got bitten by the bug so hard, and here we are today.


  • Member of the board of Finnish Disc Golf Association (FDGA) 2006-2012, as Chairman 2009-2012
  • Finnish translation of the first frisbee golf rule book approved by Finland’s SFL and PDGA in 2008 together with Jouni Heikniemi
  • Conducting numerous corporate golf events for the Talin Tallaajat from 2005 to 2012
  • Finnish European National Team Player 2008-2012
  • Member of the training group of the Finnish Disc Golf Association 2013 ->
  • Regional coach of the Finnish Disc Golf Association Southern Finland 2015 ->



Mikko Raitio discovered disc golf in 2012 and started competing in 2016. He competes in amateur series, but practices passionately and with determination.
If you want to discuss refining your technique or developing your throwing style, Mikko is just right for you. It’s hard to find a coach more calm and long temper.

If Mikko is not disc golfing in his free time, he is going out with his son, ie throwing or playing catch with a disc. Supporting the hobbies of children and young people is a matter of the heart for him.
Mikko has been founding a junior activity, ie the junior trainings of the Talin Tallaajat. He also serves as the vice president of that club.

A strong recommendation for this coach especially for all left-handers. Mikko is known in his home club by beeing the furthest throwing leftie in Helsinki. You can also challenge him if that title interests you!


Jyri Sariola has been active in frisbee golf for more than twenty years and has competed at pro level in PDGA competitions, including the European Open and the Pro Tour.

Jyri has completed the coaching course of the Finnish Disc Golf Association and has been coaching the sport since 2015 privately, for groups and also for juniors.

Jyri’s strengths are good pedagogical skills, as well as acting naturally in different groups and situations.

As a coach, Jyri’s goal is to bring the sport closer to beginners so that the basics of the disc golf drive can be learned faster, but there is also a lot to teach to those who are more advanced and professional.

The right kind of information about the sport right from the start prevents injuries – learning the wrong technique can be difficult to get rid of later.

One of the most important areas in frisbee golf is to focus on a strong middle body and leg work. Upper body should be as loose as possible and act as an extension of lower body.

A lightweight disc is useless with power, because in this sport, speed, relaxation and sleek technique are everything.

Welcome throwers of all levels to Jyrin’s lessons to learn the basics of disc golf, as well as the finesse of the sport.