In the twilight of the temple, a newborn boy is being given a

The arrival of a Man of Steel interrupts the occasion.

The stranger gives one instruction: ”Let him be baptized as Jorma-Kalevi according to me (Kale-El) and my father (Jor-El)!”

On a summer day 33 years later

Kalevi is throwing a disc. Suddenly he’s overcome with a strange sensation – as if the spirit of the disc has taken over his soul.

That same evening, the spirit tests Kalevi
in the form of a little girl. The girl has lost her beloved disc to a
water hazard and needs help.

Kalevi passes the test with ease!

In Norway later that summer, Kalevis

fishing trip is interrupted by a car breakdown on an unhabited area on the eve of a rainy and cold night.

Searching without the help of the mobile network for protection, he finds a black cave in the rock wall.

It’s as if an invisible force is pulling him deeper into the depths of that gloomy chasm.

Suddenly the cave expands and the darkness turns into a strange shimmer of light, whose brightening in the middle of the rocky chamber awaits with granite

on a throne made of granite waits Captain Kalevala, the Discman Eternal.

Captain Kalevala tells the story of Bogeyman, a tyrant who wants to take the joy out of the world by crushing and destroying every single disc.

Guided by destiny, Kalevi ends up under the protection and coaching of Captain Kalevala

In the teachings of Captain Kalevala, Kalevi becomes…


Under the guidance of Captain Kalevala, two other superheroes of the disc golf nation
Eagle, Par-Man and Birdie join alongside Aceman. Admittedly, Par-Man is invisible, so one can only feel his presence.

The Aceman League is born with the mission to liberate the world from Bogeyman from evil – one throw, one fairway and one track at a time – join the cause!